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Monday, May 30, 2005

Can't Get There From Here

More fun with Google maps. (Kiped from here, with thanks to Jennifer) This form will plot a route for you, meaning the code could go on your webpage and give people the opportunity to make their own journeys. There are some quirky things about this software. It doesn't allow you to go off road. Into the park, for instance. It thinks you're driving. It also plots alternative routes - like the one I've set up - in ways that don't make much sense. It means that you don't get to choose every detail of the route. Change the destination longitude to -1.8945 and see what happens. In some cases it won't plot the route at all. Try 52.5,-1.9 as the destination. There's something it doesn't like about Clifford Walk.

Try it with some numbers of your own. Try it with increments of 1, .1, .01, and .001. See where it gets you. Try some postcodes. Start at B13 8JE and go to B13 9AA. What's up with that?


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