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Monday, August 22, 2005

This looks cool, but I dunno what it does, nor how to get it to do that thing on my machinery.


Blogger Pete Ashton said...

It's a "tag cloud" although there are other neologisms for it. In short, it's a representation of all the tags that have been applied to things (in this case a mix of blog posts, photos and links) where the quantity is represented by font size. So way more things are tagged with "Japanese" than with "secret".

Other examples, on Flickr and on MetaFilter.

Personally I'm not sure a) how useful they are and b) how intuitive they are, the latter as show by your bemusement. ;)

10:32 pm

Blogger Moseley Blogger said...

3rd time I've attempted to make this reply. PC crashed each of the previous two times.

'Tag Cloud' is a nice phrase.

I agree that the utility of tags is a bit thin. Tags are good for finding other people's stuff, but not for organising one's own. I'd prefer a hierarchical system that would help me organise my tags.

I thought this particular utility would be good in that it would work across applications - helping me be more consistent in my tagging. But since I know nada about Ruby scripts, it's not an option.

9:34 pm


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