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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Two wheels on the road, one hand on the camera, Pt. I

Cycled through Cannon Hill Park to and from the University, with camera in

hand. Would be cool to make a handlebar mount for it and do a bit of video.

Until then, this is whatcha get, singlehanded photo-wise: a look at said

handlebars on the move, garden photos on the fly, coming round the bend to

cross the Rea and seeing another cyclist, and those awful awful suicide

grates on the hill up to Holders Lane. I haven't collided with those in the

dark - because I know they are there. But what of the novice who doesn't and

comes careening down that path at dusk, or in the dark, without a bright

enough light? I wonder if there are any crash marks in that top rail.


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