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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Who Is Paul Henry?

Okay, I admit it. This blog hasn't got the fastest sense of humour. It's been a while since anything satirical, silly, or even jocular was posted here. Heck, it's been a while since anything got posted here. So the gang at BIRMINGHAM: IT'S NOT SHIT have well outpaced and outranked us in terms of creative contributions to the cultures and aesthetic sensibilities of Brum. (hangs head in shame)
But that doesn't mean Jon and his cadre of culture mavens know how to do a decent ripoff of some Pop-Art knock-off. (Well, give them credit anyway for having the nous to steal someone else's idea rather than do something original.)
Look, lads, it's all well and good to have Noddy Holder and Paul Cook near the centre of town, and I'm quite pleased that Barbara Cartland is nearby, but you've gone and left Matthew Boulton and Joe Priestly somewhere near Bilston, a place that probably didn't even exist in their lifetimes! They really ought to cluster around Soho. (So what if that's not very original? It's where you'd want to find them!) You've also left Joan Armatrading in Parkfield, which is okay if she's going to visit Brendan and Pamela, but one suspects she'd prefer to be busking at the footbridge between the Central Library and Centenary Square. What's worse is that you've gone and left the Tipton Pie Factory off the map altogether! How could you?