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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Uh-Oh, Domino

Uh-Oh, Domino, originally uploaded by moseleyblogger.

So, let's think about this. Three upright, one horizontal. No bees. A bit ofcolour. Some nice shadows. Any discernible patterns here? Is this a snipe at the recent tower-building in the vicinity, with one tower toppled for reasons to be discovered; for the beauty of it, or the sins of the arrogant? The clue is at the base of the toppled tower. It's a bag of sand. On the base of the tower. Which seems to have been forcibly separated by gusty winds. Meaning that the tower was meant to stay upright, but through the cleverness of someone, failed to maintain structural integrity in the face of air turbulence. Go over and look in the short stack. There's a bigger bag of sand. It's ballast. Was anyone walking past when the thing fell over? Is the designer an architect?

There's still a mystery though. Why didn't the tower shatter on impact? Is it because the bag of sand is a ruse, to make fools of people like me?


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