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Friday, September 08, 2006


Spotted from the top deck of the No. 1 as it crossed Alcester Road.

What it is? Has someone left a cake out in the rain? Has another street drinker passed away? Did it fall off a hearse? Is it some kind of Yippie prank or anti-gentrification snark?

I suspect it has something to do with an award...

Recognition for the efforts made by Natalie Higgins et al has come not in the massive blooms themselves - though it must be a wonder to see such spectacular results of one's efforts - but in the form of some kind of award. They're calling it a Silver Gilt award, a term that confounds this imagination, since I've always associated gilding with gold. But anyway, here's the word.

Now, about that cake...


Blogger Coventry Blogger said...

Your first picture looks as if somebody is trying to make the point 'RIP Moseley'. But thank you for reminding me about MacArthur Park...
Congrats to Moseley in Bloom for the Bloom award, Silver Gilt is between Silver and Gold and is blooming good, especially as it's only the second time they entered.

7:58 pm


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