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Monday, February 05, 2007

Neighbourhood Fix-It

Here’s an interesting and useful new service from the civic-minded folk at mySociety: Neighbourhood Fix-It. I don’t know what the mechanics are, e.g., how the Council is notified, but this will become apparent over time. I did sign up and provided an example of something that needs attention: this street sign at the corner of Greenhill Road and Billesley Lane.

The reporting process requires location information like a postcode, so I supplied some info and was shown this nice Ordnance Survey map in return:

There’s also a listing of other locally-reported problems, and an RSS feed to alert users of updates.

So now it’s a matter of wait and see...

Note: This is my first post since Google introduced the new Blogger, and I’m having some problems logging in... Not sure what’sTechnorati Tags: mySociety up with that, but at the moment I can only write posts from within Blogger. My blog clients can’t get past the sentry.

Update. Have created a new user ID, installed a new blog client called Post2Blog (via Gotd), and am just testing it to see how it works.


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