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Friday, August 10, 2007

The new community website for Kings Heath

I stopped in at Johnstan's today and picked up a postcard from the counter. Some sort of community website. will be the new community website run by local people from the heart of Kings Heath. There'll be lots of information about community events and groups, local listings, local news and vital information for anyone living locally. And there's more to come...You will start to see information being added to the site over the coming weeks. If there's anything missing, please be patient or let us know what we've missed - we really won't mind as this site is being built for YOUR community and we really welcome YOUR input.

It also has a well-written and frequently-updated local news page

I guess that means someone had better get cracking on the Moseley version.

Just as soon as it gets purchased


Blogger AboutMyArea B14&B13 said...

Have no fear - the same team running B14 will be running B13. At the moment the plan is to run two separate sites, although with the postcode boundaries the way they are there are also arguments for combining into one Moseley and Kings Heath site - what do people think?

Go to to make contact

7:09 pm


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