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Monday, December 20, 2004

Featured Articles

#1 Moseley Bog

It's on everybody's lips, the celebrated Moseley Bog.

#2 Moseley Log

Bill Ease is very very good at explaining a concept euphemistically called curling one off.
Join us on a tour of Bill's morning leisure. Not for the scatalogically challenged.

#3 Moseley Loaf

Tearing away from loos humour, our next adventure is in the bag: a loaf of Harvest Cob from this weeks Moseley Farmer's Market. Possibly the best bread one can buy in town.

#4 Moseley Quiffs

You got one? We like 'em. Stand still, and smile!

#5 Moseley Squiffs

We're still trying to figure out what this is.

#6 Moseley Stiffs

We're not talking about the local councillors. We're talking about deads, drunks, and dead drunks.

#7 Moseley Sofas

Did you know that an unknown town in France has banned all forms of street furniture? Did you also know that the number of collisions there has fallen to zero?

In Holland, on Queen's Day, everyone brings all their tablecloths and junk swaps onto the street.

#8 Moseley Ion

Atomic, molecular and optical physics contribute to the special character of Moseley village, but these processes have recently become sources of heated exchange over implementation of environmental procedures focused on eliminating scattered but persistent ion free radicals.

#9 Ion Kitty

#10 Iron-on Kitty

#11 Non-Stick Kitty

#12 Kitty On The Rampage

Fear and trembling along Millionaire's Row.

#13 & so on

It'll be a lucky day if we ever get to 13. We'll celebrate by having a photo essay. Moseley Logs, Moseley Dogs, Moseley Sprogs, Moseley Snogs. Moseley Frogs, Moseley Hogs. Moseley Fogs, Moseley Jogs, Moseley Togs and Moseley Zogs.

Moseley Log