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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Uh-Oh, Domino

Uh-Oh, Domino, originally uploaded by moseleyblogger.

So, let's think about this. Three upright, one horizontal. No bees. A bit ofcolour. Some nice shadows. Any discernible patterns here? Is this a snipe at the recent tower-building in the vicinity, with one tower toppled for reasons to be discovered; for the beauty of it, or the sins of the arrogant? The clue is at the base of the toppled tower. It's a bag of sand. On the base of the tower. Which seems to have been forcibly separated by gusty winds. Meaning that the tower was meant to stay upright, but through the cleverness of someone, failed to maintain structural integrity in the face of air turbulence. Go over and look in the short stack. There's a bigger bag of sand. It's ballast. Was anyone walking past when the thing fell over? Is the designer an architect?

There's still a mystery though. Why didn't the tower shatter on impact? Is it because the bag of sand is a ruse, to make fools of people like me?

Beehives on the forecourt?

Beehives on the forecourt?, originally uploaded by moseleyblogger.

Nice stack of boxes. Some cleverness associated with architecture week, no doubt. Not sure if there's anything more to them. Getting closer though.

What I like about clever art projects.

What I like about clever art projects., originally uploaded by moseleyblogger.

The answer to the above question is: because they fall over. Some of you will know that I am a great fan of gravity (and of levity too, but that's not pertinent here). So, here is an interesting series of views with a surprise conclusion (missing from the series unfortunately, as the camera battery died at that moment). It is architecture week. Last year was great, I had a really fine time. This year I'm too wrapped up in things with deadlines. So I'm missing out on all the fun. Except for this one bit next to Alpha tower that happened to be on my path from Austin Court to Pershore Street.

Good things about getting lost No. 1

2006-06-21_003.jpg, originally uploaded by moseleyblogger.

This is the pub of helpfulness on Grosvenor Road. I shall return to regale the publican with stories of misguided travels. Wish I could make out what the name is.

Brindleyplace knows what a map is

Brindleyplace knows what a map is, originally uploaded by moseleyblogger.

See glowing review in previous post.


No-wheres-ville, originally uploaded by moseleyblogger.

Had heard about this evening's CRAIG keynote talk by John Holden, and wanted
to see what someone from DEMOS says about culture. (Note that the CWM blurb
gives no info as to the location of the venue.) Note, also that I neglected
to spend any time websurfing in an effort to locate it. But, 50 minutes
ahead of time I hopped on the No. 1, which only runs to Five Ways at that
time, then walked along Grosvenor Road, thinking that Austin Court, was
somewhere along its length. It wasn't, but I had a nice chat with the
proprietor of a pub, then went zigzagging through Brindleyplace and the ICC
looking for any fingerposts or other signage that might lend a clue. The
information lady in the ICC didn't know of it, so I carried on across
Centenary Square to the information desk in the main library, where I was
helpfully given a map which the man marked with the location of Austin Court
- behind the ICC, a few metres from where I'd just walked. I arrived fifteen
minutes late - but before the convenors had called everyone to order. That
was a bit of luck.

So, what's my point? And what does it have to do with the photo of anywhere?
The point is that Birmingham is shit at providing signage for
pedestrians. Yes, there are a few finger posts, and yes, there are a few map
displays around the town centre. But do these offer comprehensive guidance,
such as a list of venues off to one side? Fuck no. Other cities manage that
sort of thing with aplomb. Brindleyplace do a nice job themselves. Why not
the city centre? Because someone here has his finger wedged firmly in a
place where it interferes with clear thinking. To which I must add that the
mass transit info is equally crap. Yes, there are a few maps, but they are
incomplete, badly lit, give no clue as to the direction or frequency of
buses, are not near as numerous as they should be, blash and blah blah blah.

I'll remember the rest of it some other time.

The point? You're still wondering what my point might be. The clue is in the
first photo. Minutes from anywhere, one place might as well be any other if
you don't know where you are. Anywhere, nowhere; it's the same thing when I
can't find my way.

The following photos relate to the sequence of events described above.