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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Art Meets Politics

It's time to turn surveillance into sousveillance; time to watch the watchers with a collection of these devices attached to people, dogs, bicycles, pigeons, foxes, balloons, and anything that floats, moves or gets carried around.

Some possible games:
* Multiple cameras fed into one display as people trek, track, play or coordinate with each other.
* Watch the monitor with the camera, creating some sort of feedback loop.
* Use it with a phone to simulate real-time conferencing
* Make travelogues
* Make videos showing what it's like to cycle through town, or to be a dog in the park.
* Improve personal security by equipping it with infra-red for those late-night walks home from the pub.

I wonder what a group skydive would look like from a collection of these. Or a concert. Or a bunch of people waking the same route but looking at different things.