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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Solidly Obvious/Oblivious

The good news is, that without the aid of super-goggles wirelessed into the great blue yonder (for so the wondrous interweb is known in the heart of Moseley), a set of real-time, here-and-now experiences is coming for all of Moseley's happy residents. The annual samosa-feast, shopping extravaganza, drinking, lazing about all day in the Private Park, tire-out-your-toddler opportunity aka Mozfest, is about to hit the streets.

Some have been known to live in Moseley for many decades and escape this fantabulous extravaganza. Others, it seems, are here for five minutes and are already making websites, sweeping car parks, flyering the flyposters, erecting yurts. Yes, yurts. You've never seen a yurt until you've seen a Moseley yurt.

So if you are ambling your way down Alcester Road on Saturday morning musing on the provenance of Frodo Baggins, do bear in mind that a sharp left turn down Queensbridge Road will take you some way towards Edgbaston reservoir, whose follies are the reputed inspiration for The Twin Towers. And if you're thinking of approaching from Hall Green, turn back and inspect Sarehole Mill. It's widely believed that Gollum dwells therein, if only in the lively imagination of local a thrash metal guitarist. Anyway, it's the week to go looking, if ever there was one. Run, hobbits, run! Mozfest is coming.