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Saturday, July 02, 2005

Lost Things

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In addition to things that are on their way in or out, appearing or disappearing, I am noting things lost, or found.

This spectacle case is just one of the things I spotted in my travels today. I saw a house key, a partly-eaten pizza, a toy water rifle, and a two-tone cricket ball.

Little Windows

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After fooling around with Google Maps for a few weeks, I've figured out a relatively simple way of touring Moseley on line, using geoblogger. What I'm going to do is post photos of Moseley village and vicinity to Flickr, then geoblog them, and perhaps Moseley Blog them.

I've started with the former phone box opposite Oxford Road, above the railway tunnel, at the entrance to the railway access road and the Meteor Ford car park. The phone booth disappeared a few days after I took this photo. But that's not why I'm posting it. Instead, I am thinking about an alternative centre of Moseley. Alternative to the village green. Why? What need is there for an alternative? There's no real demand, but it presents a counterpoint, an alternative. I think of it as the other Moseley, whatever that is. Whatever might emerge that isn't already registered as part of Moseley character. Or, as in the case of the phone box, whatever's disappeared.

The phone box windows - while not the size or shape of geotags or flickr thumbnails - frame small views of Moseley. In this instance, from the outside in.