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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Not Flying, Bussing In The Rain

This is what the trip home could have looked like sans camera, had I indulged in a spot of fly agaric.

Witches Brew

Amanita muscaria. Messenger Of The Gods. A dozen of them. In a wooded part of Moseley. Anyone with a proclivity for recereational psychopharmacology could have a fine time, along with several friends, based on this outcrop of fungi. Would be an interesting addition to a pint. Everyone could go flying.

This is the biggest group - and are probably the biggest specimens - I've ever seen, and, while I've got a petty constant crop of other fungi in my garden (3rd photo), and have seen other clusters of mushrooms in local woodlands (4th & 5th photos), I never expected to see this, the grand old man of psychedelics, within an urban setting. I wonder how many other patches are out there at this moment. It must be great weather for them. I'll have to have a gander in some other likely spots.

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